A new year, a new beginning

A new year is coming. 2016 – fabulous, right? And this year, more than ever, I feel that it is time for a change.

This year has been quite a roller coaster for me. In a good way, mostly, but it’s also led me to rethink quite a lot about my lifestyle and how I want to live my life. I’ve basically woken up to the fact that the world might be coming to an end and that I want to do everything I possibly can to change that fact.

This might sound a bit… naive. How can I as a small human being actually change anything in this big, polluted world we all live in? Well, I believe that no man is an island and that we are all somehow connected. So if some of us start to make some changes in how we live I believe that this will affect the people around us. Through internet the message can spread easier than ever before, and before we know it we might have started a green revolution. I surely hope so.

I believe that we cannot wait any longer. We live in a world where money controls everything. Therefore we must make mindful choices of what we consume and vote wisely with our wallets. Vote for change. Vote for sustainable solutions in all areas of our lives; food, clothes, beauty products, transportation, hobbies and so on. We, as a consumers and citizens, have so much more power than we think we do.

In this blog I will write about all the little things that I try to do to help turn it around, and make a better world once and for all. I actually think that it is possible if we believe that it is and refuse to give up.

Happy new year to you all! Let’s make it a year to remember.


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