101 ways


101 ways to save the planet – the list

  1. Avoid plastic bottles
  2. Back to bar soap
  3. Switch to a sustainable bank
  4. Go organic
  5. Become a slacktivist
  6. Depost your postbox
  7. Be a surfer dude
  8. Cut down on meat and dairy
  9. Light eco-friendly candles
  10. Be kind to yourself on this journey

The list continues below, so keep scrollin’!

11. Ditch your shampoo
12. Say it with organic flowers
13. Start using a menstrual cup
14. Kick that nicotine habit
15. Curb food waste
16. Be a responsible poop scooper
17. Zero wastify your groceries
18. Unplug, switch off, power down
19. Connect with nature
20. Advocate green aviation

21. Have a disposable free day
22. Choose chocolate that cares
23. Search out sustainable furniture
24. Declutter your home
25. Get eco inked
26. Make love green queen style
27. Ask the far right to tackle climate change
28. Go on staycation
29. Be a fair fashionista
30. Get a chemical-free haircut

31. Make a difference with your unique skill
32. Say a sustainable “I do”
33. Cook your food from scratch
34. Get a friend involved
35. Opt for a green good bye
36. Sunbathe safely
37. Get a “3-free” manicure
38. Drink your coffee topless
39. Take care of your health
40. Sweat it out naturally

41. Save orangutans by avoiding palm oil
42. Stay beautiful without microplastics
43. Get your green game on
44. Wipe without waste
45. Do the dishes sustainably
46. Go electric for your next car
47. Connect to yourself and your real needs
48. Spread the word in mainstream media
49. Downshift and simplify your life
50. Get a green smile

51. Go for non-toxic outdoor gear
52. Keep a bee-friendly garden
53. Don’t be a trashy tourist
54. Cut down on fish and sea food
55. Get planet friendly presents for christmas
56. Avoid judging others
57. Make your coffee ritual peaceful for yourseld and the planet
58. Start dreamin’ of a green christmas
59. Get a nice old school shave
60. Start the new year with the best intentions

61. Detoxify your life of plastics
62. Click green to support green energy
63. Commit to eco-friendly parenting
64. Go for simple sports with less eqipment
65. Adopt a minimalist lifestyle

…. 101 (Yes, we’ll get there… eventually)

Stay tuned for more ways to #savetheplanet. When we’re done there will be 101 on the list. 🙂


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