44. Wipe without waste


Toilet paper is something most of us use daily without much consideration. But what we’re actually doing is wiping our bottoms with mashed trees and then flushing them down the drain. Pretty wasteful, to say the least. There are alternatives that are not as gross as you might think.

How to make the change
Switch to cloth toilet paper. You can make your own out of flannel fabric or buy ready made from etsy, for example. If this seems like a huge deal, start with only using it for #1, and when you feel comfortable enough, move on to #2 as well. Isn’t that gross? Well, it doesn’t have to be if you wash yourself with a little water first, either in your bath, shower, with a jug of water or if you’re lucky enough to own a bidet. There are also bidet sprays that are installable on any toilet. Many people who tried the cloth/water method swear by it, and actually claim that it’s more hygienic than only using paper. When the cloth wipes run out you just throw them in the laundry with your other stuff, no extra detergent or water needed.

Why make the change?
Worldwide, a whooping 27 000 trees are flushed or sent to landfills daily after being used as toilet paper. If we all used water or cloth wipes instead a lot less trees would be sacrificed. Recycled toilet paper can contain BPA and other chemicals, which can act as endocrine disruptors and have been linked to cancer, diabetes and other health problems. Not having to buy toilet paper each month will also save you money.

Be a climate ninja
If you own a house or a summer house, install a composting toilet. This way, you’ll be able to use the brown stuff for good purposes, like gardening. Or just bury it, and let it nourish the soil like it’s meant to. And, if you are out in nature why not try the simple freedom of doing your business outdoors, drying off with a leaf for example?

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101 ways on a summer break

girl on summer meadow

You always have to look for a balance between saving the planet and enjoying the planet. To have energy enough to save it, sometimes all you have to do is enjoy it. Summer is a perfect time to do that. Now all we wanna do is to walk barefoot on the grass, bathe in the ocean and get loads of sunshine and eat tasty fresh summer berries and ice cream.

This blog will take a break for a few weeks, but don’t worry. We’ll be back after the holidays.

Have a great summer everyone!

43. Get your green game on

woman holding a playstation remote

Electronic waste is a huge contributor to landfills around the globe. With the rising popularity of video games and new consoles continuously introduced to the market,this is becoming a growing problem.

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41. Save orangutans by avoiding palm oil

orangutan mother and baby

Palm oil is an ingredient found in approximately 50 percent of products in the supermarket. Avoiding it entirely isn’t easy, but being aware of the problem and avoiding it when possible is a good start.

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40. Sweat it out naturally

40. Sweat it out naturally

Deodorants are something we’re more or less obliged to use when we enter puberty. Who wants to be the smelly unfresh person? But there are other ways to stay fresh than buying chemical filled plastic roll-ons.

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39. Take care of your health

woman running on bridge

Staying healthy for the sake of the planet? How does that work? Well, most things that are healthy for you are also healthy for the planet. If you get sick, traditional health care and pharmaceuticals are heavy on resources and generate toxic, sometimes even radioactive waste.

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37. Get a ‘3-free’ manicure

Nail polish

Putting some cheerful colour on your nails can really brighten the mood of the day. Choose a nail polish with minimal chemicals and stay healthy, sustainable and fabulous.

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36. Sunbathe safely

Girl in the sun

Summer is arriving in the northern part of the planet. Protecting yourself against the sun is important, but be sure to do it in a way that is safe both for you and the planet.

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