52. Keep a bee-friendly garden

52. Keep a bee-friendly garden

Bees are dying at an alarming rate across the planet, which is a major problem since they pollinate a large deal of our flowers and vegetables. If you’re lucky enough to own a garden, why not make it as inviting as possible for these little guys?

How to make the change
Keep your garden as diverse as possible is a good start, since different bees are attracted to different plants. Replace part of your front lawn with flowering plants. Plant native flowers that are uniquely adapted to your region. And try to plant some flowers that blooms year round to keep the supply of bee-food intact during the year. Only use natural fertilizers and pesticides. Try to plant a lot of flowers that bees enjoy. Create a bee-bath where they can land and sip up before flying off again.

Why make the change?
Every little thing we can do to help the bees is a good thing if we want to continue eating things like avocados, apples and cucumbers. If the bees vanish, so will a lot of our most loved foods. Bees will also benefit your garden, making it bloom and grow as ever before!

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Start an organic bee-hive where bees can thrive. Be sure to research well before starting anything, though. And keep safe around the bees, they can get quite angry if you tease them!

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50. Get a green smile

Woman brushing teeth

As with all our daily routines, there are usually a few tweaks that can be made to reduce the environmental impact. That goes for keeping your teeth white and bright as well.

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49. Downshift and simplify your life

feeding a sheep

Work hard all day to pay the mortgage, buy nice clothes to fit in at the office and work even harder to buy even nicer things to impress people you don’t even like. It’s easy to get caught up in the rat race, without even reflecting on why you needed all these things in the first place. Downshifting is all about simplifying your life in every aspect, to have more time to live.

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47. Connect to yourself and your real needs

47. Connect to yuorself and your real needs

Marketing and media surrounds us everywhere and there are a lot of voices telling us what to do, what we need to be healthy and what the ideal human should look like. Finding a way to keep these voices at bay and tune into yourself can be very helpful to a planet-saver.

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45. Do the dishes sustainably

Two girls arguing over dishes

Dishes. A chore we all have to endure after enjoying a delicious meal that uses a whole lot of water, chemicals and plastic. But, there are a few tweaks you can make to keep the planet as clean as your plates.

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44. Wipe without waste

44. Wipe without waste

Toilet paper is something most of us use daily without much consideration. But what we’re actually doing is wiping our bottoms with mashed trees and then flushing them down the drain. Pretty wasteful, to say the least. There are alternatives that are not as gross as you might think.

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43. Get your green game on

woman holding a playstation remote

Electronic waste is a huge contributor to landfills around the globe. With the rising popularity of video games and new consoles continuously introduced to the market,this is becoming a growing problem.

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