48. Spread the word in mainstream media

News reporter

TV, radio and newspapers are still a major source of information for a lot of people.They play an important part in making this planet green again. And climate ninjas will show them the way!

How to make the change
The environment isn’t always top priority in mainstream news and media overall. But if enough people email, call and contact journalists that might change. So if you find something interesting that you think they should report about, let them know. And it doesn’t have to be “news”. You can give them information about interesting people to interview and things to bring up in a larger scale.

Why make the change?
We only have a few years to act before it’s too late to save our planet. Getting journalists and other media personalities involved is crucial, since they have huge platforms and audiences. And not all people search for information actively, so some people might need a little help informing themselves about the state of our climate, animal welfare, oceans and air toxicity.

climate ninjaBe a climate ninja
Give the media something to report about by setting a personal example. Start a petition for more bike lanes in your city, start a solar panel start-up or set a target of buying nothing new for an entire year, and then ask local media to write about it.

47. Connect to yourself and your real needs

47. Connect to yuorself and your real needs

Marketing and media surrounds us everywhere and there are a lot of voices telling us what to do, what we need to be healthy and what the ideal human should look like. Finding a way to keep these voices at bay and tune into yourself can be very helpful to a planet-saver.

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45. Do the dishes sustainably

Two girls arguing over dishes

Dishes. A chore we all have to endure after enjoying a delicious meal that uses a whole lot of water, chemicals and plastic. But, there are a few tweaks you can make to keep the planet as clean as your plates.

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44. Wipe without waste

44. Wipe without waste

Toilet paper is something most of us use daily without much consideration. But what we’re actually doing is wiping our bottoms with mashed trees and then flushing them down the drain. Pretty wasteful, to say the least. There are alternatives that are not as gross as you might think.

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43. Get your green game on

woman holding a playstation remote

Electronic waste is a huge contributor to landfills around the globe. With the rising popularity of video games and new consoles continuously introduced to the market,this is becoming a growing problem.

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41. Save orangutans by avoiding palm oil

orangutan mother and baby

Palm oil is an ingredient found in approximately 50 percent of products in the supermarket. Avoiding it entirely isn’t easy, but being aware of the problem and avoiding it when possible is a good start.

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40. Sweat it out naturally

40. Sweat it out naturally

Deodorants are something we’re more or less obliged to use when we enter puberty. Who wants to be the smelly unfresh person? But there are other ways to stay fresh than buying chemical filled plastic roll-ons.

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39. Take care of your health

woman running on bridge

Staying healthy for the sake of the planet? How does that work? Well, most things that are healthy for you are also healthy for the planet. If you get sick, traditional health care and pharmaceuticals are heavy on resources and generate toxic, sometimes even radioactive waste.

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